It is most important to change your engine oil and oil filter every 100 hours or at least once per season, along with checking/replacing other service items including anode, impellers, belts and filters.

Our winterizations include a full engine service, along with this we drain down the salt water system and run through an antifreeze inhibitor solution that sits in the system and protects from corrosion. We then wrap the engine in anticorrosive paper keeping the engine protected.

If you wish we can also remove and store the batteries, keeping them constantly moving along our charging system throughout the coldest months.

The heads can also be inhibited to protect against corrosion and frost.

If you would prefer the service of your engine to be done in the spring time or any other time of the year, then maybe an ‘Inhibit and Frost Protection Only’ would be the best option for you.

A Winter Lay Up Instruction Form is available for you to complete, to let us know how you would like your vessel to be looked after